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Morning Assembly  

Morning Assembly

Morning assembly is an integral part of the school’s schedule. It includes prayers, information of latest happenings, inspiring thoughts, speech, GK questions, national anthem, etc. It plays an important role for alround development of a child.It is essential to understand that morning assembly is not just about standing in long queues and singing prayers or national anthem, but it’s something beyond just prayers. All the activities carried out in morning assembly by the school staff and students have a great influence in every point of life. The positive effects of attending school assemblies can be felt throughout the life. Some of the benefits of morning assemblies for students:


Develop a feeling of being united

During a morning assembly, all the students of a school stand at the same place, as a part of an institution regardless of their age, culture, religion, sex, etc. A feeling of unity is aroused by this act. This feeling of unity stays forever in the student’s mind and it leads to a happy society.


Understanding the school in a better way

The students get to know about their school and its achievements in a better way because of the discussions that are conducted by teachers and students during the assembly.


Learn valuable lessons

The principal addresses all the students and give valuable moral teachings for life. It can change the perspective of students and way of looking at a thing. Each and every word of this speech is the reflection of the experience and values of the school. When students endure these experiences, it helps them to lead a successful life. This morning speech/address from the principal acts as a strong pillar in the moral development of students.


Confidence building & Developing Leadership Quality

School assemblies also consist of news report reading or thoughts or GK questions. Sometimes the students showcase small play delivering some meaningful lesson of life. All these activities, give a chance to every student to be a part of school activities. In this way, confidence is built in the students.


Rewarding achievers to encourage them to perform better

School’s morning assembly is the best platform to encourage the students who have achieved something in academics or extra-curricular activities. When the achievers are awarded in front of everyone, they feel encouraged. This encouragement gives them the enthusiasm to achieve more. Furthermore, it inspires other students to perform better in order to become one of the achievers.


Understanding the ups and downs of schools and solving out the problems

Morning assemblies are a good idea for discussing the problems faced by the school or discussing any activity happening in the school that can lead to a bad effect on a student’s life. For instance, the act of indiscipline or immoral behavior by some students can be discussed so that it can be prevented. Student as a whole understands the problems and try to find out the solution. This instills discipline in them.


1. The school morning assembly is conducted Housewise. Every house need to present Assembly for one week as per the given schedule.

2. Students report to the school campus at 08:50 A.M. and the class teacher goes to their respective classes.

3. A long Bell rings at 09:00 AM and the students make a line and come to the ground for morning assembly along with their class teachers.

4. The Class Monitors along with class teachers ensures that the students are standing in line as per their height.

5. Then command given by the Head boy of the school for start of the Assembly.

6. The  Anchor for the assembly take over the charge for assembly presentation.

7. Fifteen to Twenty students remain present on the stage for the presentation of the different activities.

8. The Anchor invites the individual participants for the presentation of a particular activity.

9. The said activities are assigned to individual students by the House Captains and House Masters (Teacher) well before time so that they can prepare themselves.

10. Special assemblies are arranged on important days and students come up with special activities along with placards and other visual items.

11. The school Assembly is addressed by the teachers or any eminent personalities with their valuable view points

12. Every day Principal addresses assembly with some valuable information, career enhancement guideline and inculcate with ethical values.



Days Activity1 Activity2 Activity3 Activity4 Activity5 Activity6 Activity7
Monday Gayatri Mantra Pledge DAV Anthem GK Questions Speech by student News Headline Natinal Anthem
Tuesday Gayatri Mantra Pledge DAV Anthem GK Questions Speech by student Thought of the Day Natinal Anthem
Wednesday Gayatri Mantra Pledge DAV Anthem GK Questions Speech by teacher News Headline Natinal Anthem
Thursday Gayatri Mantra Pledge DAV Anthem GK Questions Activity Thought of the Day Natinal Anthem
Friday Gayatri Mantra Pledge DAV Anthem GK Questions Activity Word of the Day Natinal Anthem
Saturday Drill / Yoga / Meditation with short Assembly



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